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The story of ACE Gauge 0 Trains is one of the most fascinating first-hand accounts of a model train company ever published. The founders of the great Gauge 0 makers of the past were not able to chronicle the story of their firm’s foundation, thinking and manufacturing history. Although ACE Trains do not match the size of its forebears such as Hornby, Marklin, Bing and Bassett Lowke, its products do, particularly in charisma, quality and that indefinable characteristic that makes an item collectable. Over a decade ago ACE Trains led the revival of Gauge 0 ready-to-run three rail trains. This book charts the history, product range and rationale that has made ACE one of the most famous lines of coarse scale trains ever produced, with many items never having been attempted by other makers. The author and co-founder of ACE Trains is respected throughout the world of model railways and his first book A Century of Model Trains was a bestseller and is regarded as a classic in the toy collecting field. In