Robotime DIY – DINO Walking T-REX Dinosaur – Houten bouwpakket Dinosaurus T-Rex



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DINO Walking Dinosaur T-REX – Houten bouwpakket Dinosaurus
The product is desgined to give children who are easily distracted a chance to stay focused and improve their practising ability. The fun comes from not only the assembling, but also POWER-ACTIVATED technology. It brings kids many happy and exciting moments. Some assembling need the help from parents, which can increase the interaction between children and parents. Children will be inspired and feel the love and care from parents.
Main Feature:
1) Package Size: 368*275*55mm;
2) Package Weight: 700g;
3) Assembling Time: 4 hours;
4) Age: 6+;
5) Safe and non-toxic;
6) Pretty decoration.
Package Content:
1) Wooden Parts;
2) Plastic Parts;
3) Battery Box;
4) Motor;
5) Instruction of assemble process.